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How to take power out of fear

Der Angst die Macht entziehen


Many of us are scared right now.
Fear of the future, of losing their job, getting sick, losing loved ones, having no more money to earn a living …
The list goes on indefinitely.

Sit down and write down everything you are afraid of and could be afraid of.
The list can get very long.
And that’s exactly what happens when we become more concerned with it when we think about what can frighten us.
There are more and more things and situations.
And yes, many fears are justified and significantly influence our lives.
But not all.

We also create some the more we think about it and, what is worse, visualize it.
We begin to manifest them in our thoughts, words, and attitudes.

But what if we put hope, a positive possibility next to every fear?

And if we are really brave, maybe even come up with two nice variations?

The fears will not go away, but they will lose strength.
And what is even more important, we create positive thoughts at the same time.
Maybe then you will think carefully about how this beautiful moment can be.

Yes, it is very difficult at the beginning. You also fall back into your fears every now and then and “wipe” away the beautiful moments.
But hey!
As soon as you notice it, focus again on the opportunity you have when you are fearless.

Isn’t it much nicer than remaining in fear?
Sometimes you can’t do anything actively at the moment.
But you can use this time to change your mind positively.

And maybe you notice that it’s actually not that bad after all.
Or that it is a good thing because through it you have recognized a new, even better possibility that you would otherwise never have seen.

And let’s be honest:
Looking back, many things weren’t as bad as we put them in our minds, were they?

They say everything in life has a purpose.
It often doesn’t reveal itself immediately or in a few days.
But one day the moment comes when you realize it.

A very good friend of mine who has been through a lot in his life.
Has withdrawn a lot through his good heart for fear of hurting others or being judged in his family.
He leads a life that largely meets the lives of others, the place of residence of others, and the expectations of others.
Now and then creates “little breaks” so that he is happy.
He is also afraid but is already a small step further.
One day he said to me:

Heide, success, and happiness, live on the other side of fear

And just the realization was the beginning for him to face his fears and change something.

I wish him and you out there that you begin to take the power of your fears, take control of your life, and begin to be happy.
In all areas.

Professionally, privately and personally

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