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November 2020

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    Games ….

    Many women play games…. I do not mean fun games. I mean manipulative games. Not all women!!! But certainly a lot. Sometimes games that are against the will of their husbands…

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    Boarding School

    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world  Nelson Mandela –    It most certainly is kind of exciting.  We have to spend the last…

  • Random daily things


      It’s extremely important for me to write about that today. I don’t know if I can expect people to be grateful to me. I’m also not sure if ‚grateful‘ is…

  • Random daily things

    Longing ….

          There it is again This feeling of longing The longing for ‚outside‘ Longing for what isn’t at the moment, and for what may never be there. Or maybe…