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I’ve made it!!! My exhibition stand is ready and looks marvellous.
My first exhibition ever and it’s in the prettiest building the city has. 

I’m here since 2 days and have already met a lot of wonderful people and I hope that it will go on like this for the next 7 days. 
It’s unbelievable how many different people are into art. I assume that this amazing exhibition will motivate lots of people to be a little more creative. 
Even tho their artwork might not be as professional as ours, it might make oneself very proud and happy to see their finished work. 
Tomorrow at 11:00 am we will continue the exhibition. I think tomorrow I’ll work on my mosaics. 
Numerous people that saw my work were impressed by it. 
The Glas reflects amazingly in the spotlight and makes it shimmer in countless colours. Sadly, you can’t see the beauty of it as nicely in pictures as in real life. 

Overall I’m super proud and happy. 

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