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April 2021

  • Random daily things

    Here I am again

    After a turbulent year, I have found my way back to blogging. What happened? We have opened our store ‚Einzigart‘. Here you can buy artwork, handmade individual pieces, and beautiful ‚bells…

  • Random daily things

    It can also be this way 😃

    Isn’t this a dream? To escape the ‚snow-depression‘ we have spontaneously decided to fly to Mallorca. And that was an amazing decision.  Amazing weather, kind people, relaxed kids, and unbelievably good…

  • Random daily things

    We are covered with snow

    A small impression of what’s about to come next spring for everyone who’s also covered with snow…   I’m gonna lock myself in my studio and paint, paint, paint (what do…

  • Random daily things

    My exhibition

        I’ve made it!!! My exhibition stand is ready and looks marvellous. My first exhibition ever and it’s in the prettiest building the city has.  I’m here since 2 days…