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It’s extremely important for me to write about that today.

I don’t know if I can expect people to be grateful to me.

I’m also not sure if ‚grateful‘ is the right word to use?

If it is the right term?

I simply mean acknowledging what you have done for someone.

Not even expecting that that person will stand in front of you and simply say: Thank you

Rather not being ‚stamped on‘ only because you stop doing something that the other person starts taking for granted.

Suddenly, you are condemned.

Everything that you’ve done for that person up to this point is being questioned.

Although it is actually only a reaction to the behavior of the other person…

Are people nowadays more ungrateful than in the past?
Or are these only individual cases?

Have we forgotten how to be like that?

And if yes, why?

I find it arrogant and presumptuous if people stop being grateful.
Towards other people, animals, the environment, your own life, and/or your own health.

There are so many situations in which I’m grateful.

Grateful, that I am healthy.
Grateful, that I have wonderful kids.
Grateful, that when I wake up in the morning and the sun shines, everything seems to be wonderful.
Grateful, that I can live my life how I want.
Grateful, that another person smiles at me when passing by.
Grateful, that the waiter in my favorite cafe serves me being so kind.
Grateful, for the person in front of me in the snowplow, who clears the roads in the middle of the night so I can drive.
Grateful, for my amazing friends
Grateful, for this way that I was allowed to go, or sometimes had to go, to become the person that I am today. Who shapes me. Who makes me who I am.

I could go on forever.

So many little moments in which I am grateful.

And that is beautiful.
It is good that way.

It makes me happy.
It reminds me of how well I am doing.
Of how wonderful my life is.
Of what I can give to others
And what others give to me.

I also had times where I felt awful.
I’ve been extremely sick.
Everything around me started to fall apart.

Even then, I never stopped being grateful.

Subconsciously, that was what helped me.
It gave me strength and energy.
It made me believe, that everything will be fine.

And it took away parts of my sadness.

Why have so many people forgotten?

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