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Es gibt ein Leben nach Weihnachten

There’s a life after Christmas 

Even tho it might seem inconceivable, there is a life after Christmas. By looking at the days before Christmas, I get the impression that it might not be true. Everything goes haywire and I got infected by this ‚actionism‘!My goal for the next year is to start the pre-Christmas season from the first advent. We’re gonna start baking cookies, make some decorations for the Christmas tree ourself and we won’t let anyone stop us from being in a pre-Christmassy mood. Let’s see if it will work out.
Cause, to be honest, this has always been (and it should still) be the most beautiful time of the year. 

This year I got the best present I’ve probably ever gotten. It laid there, under the tree on Christmas eve:
It was an angel made from a small wooden batten.
This angel will accompany us and won’t disappear in one of our countless Christmas boxes, just to wait there a year until we will set it free next Christmas. 

That’s the pleasant part of succumbing to your ‚collectionitis‘:
You’ve got numerous boxes full of Christmas decorations to pick from :-).

The result at the end was an extremely colourful Christmas tree. My small dwarfs decorated it and I as a dwarf-mom think it’s gorgeous. I couldn’t have done it better.
Now I’m curious how excited they’ll be when we have to take the decoration down from the tree. Our mini railway drives around our balcony every day but will also have to be packed up again at one point. Additionally, all the Santa clauses and angles will have to be removed (I will most likely find some more of those in midsummer because we ‚overlooked‘ them).

Probably, my dwarfs will suddenly have to go back to the land of the dwarves to allegedly clean up their rooms and the sad ‚work‘ of bringing the house back to its original, unadorned, state (only temporary 😉 until we’re back from vacation) is left to me. 

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